WOW Features & Services

Attributes of WOW Windows and Doors

Weather Proof

icon sound WOW windows & doors are designed to sustain the harsh & varied Indian weather conditions. The uPVC material is especially formulated for the Indian climate, assuring that your windows & doors will retain their shape & colour for years to come. So, let the weather play its game, your windows & doors will remain the same.

Termite Proof

icon sound The uPVC material has no effect of termite.

Water Proof

icon sound uPVC material is 100 % water proof So no more warping of windows.

Fire Resistant

icon sounduPVC is inherently flame retardant, difficult to ignite & resists sustained burning.

Dust & Pollution free

icon sound The double sealing mechanism using FPVC gaskets in casement system & wool pile in sliding system, provides enhanced air tightness. So you have minimum dust & maximum freshness in your home.

Noise Proof

icon sound WOW windows & doors provide you significant level of sound insulation. So let the noise be outside & a peaceful environment inside.

Strong & Sturdy

icon soundWOW windows & doors are fully reinforced with steel which make them structurally stable, strong and safe.

Water Tight

icon soundWOW Windows and doors are fusion welded at the corners and properly sealed with the wall using silicon. So let it rain heavily outside, not a single droop comes inside.

Fusion Welded Joints

icon sound At WOW, every corner of a window and door is fusion welded, as against the traditional system of mechanical joints. This makes the joints stronger and eliminates any chance of water seepage.


icon soundWOW windows and doors are long lasting and will stay with you forever. Dont feel jealous if your windows & doors remain young as always, while you keep growing older.

Superior Hardware

icon soundHardware is the heart of any window or door. At WOW, we have carefully chosen quality hardware, to ensure that the heart keeps beating, for years.

Energy Saving Window

icon soundMulti chambered profiles combined with the poor heat conducting ability of uPVC, the nght glass selection & complete sealing between frames & walls, make sure that your A.C. cools faster & your electricity bills go down by 30%.

Security Beyond Glass

icon soundMulti- point locking system, gives you better security. So, you can have large window spans, with no compromise on your safety.

Walls Make Way For Window

icon soundWOW windows & doors give you the flexibility of covering larger spans from floor to ceiling, even in high rise buildings. So now replace your walls with long lasting windows & doors.

WOW Services

Site Survey

We will visit your site , and carefully study the actual site conditions like geographical location, wind pressure & noise levels.

Design Recommendation

Based on the site survey, combined with your architectural & interior requirements, we will recommend you the suitable window / door for every opening, which includes the type of window / door, the suitable hardware & the right glass.


WOW windows & doors are manufactured on automated machines based on latest technology, thus ensuring accuracy to the last millimeter with timely delivery.


This is the most critical part of the whole process. Proper installation is the key to long life and functionality of windows. No matter how large a window, or how complex a design may be, the trained installation team at WOW will ensure perfect and timely installation.

After-sales Service

In case you face any problem with your windows & doors, or you want to get a broken glass replaced, just give us a call and we will be happy to attend to it.

Why choose WOW ?

Prompt Responses

At WOW, we believe that a timely response to an enquiry, is the key to developing a long term relationship with our customers.

Honest Commitment

We value your time, so we make sure that we meet the deadlines committed.

Local & Personalised Service

WOW values its customers and thus we do not close the chapter with installation. We attend to all your post-sales queries.

You Dream, We Design

For specific needs of the customers, we design windows that will match with the interiors and/or exterior of their home. No design is a complex one for WOW.

Value for Money

With WOW, you can be rest assured that you will get the right window & door solution, at a competitive price.